Sunday, February 8, 2009

NFL season closure

Well, I predicted a few ago before the playoffs started the Steelers would get to the big game, but I also predicted the Giants, not the Cardinals would be in there with them. Who knew? I have to be honest, I thought this year was a little bland, but the last 5 minutes of the Super Bowl put a nice finishing touch on it.

Biggest surprises:
Arizona Cardinals- We knew they could win the weak NFC West, but who knew they could get to the big game...defense and running game got them there.

Baltimore Ravens- A rookie coach, a rookie quarterback and they still get to the AFC championship! Not bad! Joe Flacco has one of the strongest arms in the NFL.

Tennessee Titans- Not with Vince Young, but Kerry Collins they have the best regular season record and get the #1 seed in the playoffs.

Miami Dolphins- With Chad Pennington at the helm! They won playing mistake free, fundamental football.

Atlanta Falcons- Another rookie coach and quarterback combo. Strong running game and Matt Ryan appears to be the real deal.

The firing of Mike Shanahan- Bronco fans thought Shanahan would retire as the Broncos coach, then he gets the boot! A change was needed in Denver.

The firing of Jon Gruden- another shocker. Apparently not well liked among his players...he inherited Tony Dungy's team to win the Super Bowl, but then again, he created the Oakland Raiders team that played Tampa in that year's Super Bowl.

Biggest Disappointments: There were many, but we'll stick with the obvious ones.
San Diego Chargers- 8-8 with so much talent, but it was still good enough to win the AFC West.

Jacksonville Jaguars- big, physical team with strong running game and good defense, but they underachieved badly this year.

Dallas Cowboys- Wow! The most underachieving team in the league year. A change is needed.

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